Monday, October 4, 2010

Baylor Student Goes Beyond Expectations

Ever since being accepted to Baylor University, Senior Matt Thompson has pursued perfection in his school work and extracurricular activities. The 22 year-old from Houston began his college life like any other student, not knowing what to expect or what he was going to major in. The honor student soon discovered an interest in accounting and began to pursue that career path. “Since I have always been pretty decent at math I figured that accounting would provide the best career opportunities as well as career growth opportunities,” Matt Thompson said. Thompson has since added a second major in Real Estate, with dreams of obtaining both a CPA and Real Estate license.
Thompson enjoying time
with friends
During his freshman year he was able to make some close friends in the accounting core that would help keep him motivated over the next four years. Two friends, Vincent Harris and Jonathan Ganthier, were especially influential in his college life. Harris helped Matt recognize the importance of pursuing the CPA exam after finishing the accounting core. “CPA’s are very influential in the business world, and will help throughout your career,” Vincent Harris said. Ever since, Thompson has been on track to take the CPA exam upon graduation.
Ganthier has helped Thompson with real estate courses and studying for the State Exam. While discussing Thompson’s college life, Ganthier said “Matt Thompson has been working extremely hard to obtain his real estate license. The classes, outside studying, and practice exams will surely pay off in the next couple of years as he begins a real estate or accounting career.”
While many students are partying on the weekends, Thompson has been busy studying for the LSAT with dreams of attending Law School in the Spring. “I am not sure where I want to attend yet, but I have applied to several schools including University of Texas, Baylor University, and University of Houston,” Thompson said. He has even been driving to Houston on Saturday’s for an LSAT prep course.
Senior Brooke Yancy, a close friend, described to us a typical day for Thompson when she is able to see him. “Normally when I talk to him, he is busy at the library or in a group meeting. I have never met someone who is so goal oriented. His passion towards what he wants to achieve is surreal,” Yancy exclaimed.

Matt attending a Baylor game

While this may seem like Thompson has accomplished a lot during his duration at Baylor, he has done far more than just school work. He has been accepted into Beta Alpha Psi, The Accounting Honor Fraternity. Requirements for this club are a 3.5 accounting GPA. “While not many people are accepted into this club, I saw Matt work tirelessly over the years and get accepted. This has opened many doors for Matt,” Harris said.
Indeed it has opened many doors for the goal oriented student. Last year during the accounting recruitment season, Thompson looked to set himself apart from the competition. With his resume filled out, he was hopeful he would land a big position, and that he did. After applying for interviews with the Big 4 accounting firms of PricewaterHouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte & Touché, he was happy to learn that he would get intern offers from all four firms. “I remember getting the offers. First thing I did was call my mom. She was so excited for me, and it made me feel great. After much research though, I decided to be an audit intern for PricewaterhouseCoopers,” Thompson explained.
Now Thompson is faced with multiple accounting job offers, yet the December graduate is persistent on attending law school. “I think Matt should pursue Law School if his heart tells him to,” Ganthier said. “I don’t believe there is a challenge he can’t complete.”
Now that graduation is nearing, that decision is becoming even more important. With recruiters trying to employ Thompson full time, it is important that he makes the decision that is best for him and his future.

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